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Important OPFactions Roadmap (RELEASE 9/18 3PM EST)



OPCraft OPFactions Roadmap

Server Release: 9/18/21, 3PM EST

[Last Updated: 9/16/21]



OPFactions economy is built up entirely by 3 parts, which is Mob Drops, Spawners, and Farming. We're highly encouraging spawns this season, so they'll be more valuable. You can view all 3 parts of the economy below, we will be adding more to his after release, you can check back on this document for any updates.

1x Sheep Spawner - 50,000$
1x Cow Spawner - 50,000$
1x Pig Spawner - 50,000$
1x Spider Spawner - 50,000$
1x Chicken Spawner - 50,000$
1x Zombie Spawner - 150,000$
1x Skeleton Spawner - 200,000$
1x Enderman Spawner - 250,000$
1x Blaze Spawner - 500,000$
1x Ghast Spawner - 1,000,000$
1x Creeper Spawner - 2,000,000$
1x Iron Golem Spawner - 2,500,000$
1x - Villager Spawner - 3,000,000$

Mob Drops:
1x Mutten - 7.00$ / 64x Mutten - 448$
1x Wool - 7.00$ / 64x Wool - 448$
1x Raw Beef - 7.00$ / 64x Raw Beef - 448$
1x Raw Porkchop - 7.00$ / 64x Raw Porkchop - 448$
1x String - 7.00$ / 64x String - 448$
1x Feather - 7.00$ / 64x Feather - 448$
1x Raw Chicken - 7.00$ / 64x Raw Chicekn - 448$
1x Rotten Flesh - 10.00$ / 64x Rotten Flesh - 640$
1x Bones - 13.00$ / 64x Bones - 832$
1x Ender Pearls - 15.00$ / 64x Ender Pearls - 960$
1x Blaze Rods - 17.00$ / 64x Blaze Rods - 1,088$
1x Ghast Tear - 20.00$ / 64x Ghast Tear - 1,280$
1x Gun Powder 23.00$ / 64x Gun Powder - 1,472$
1x Iron Ingots 26.00$ / 64x Iron Ingots - 1,664$
1x Emeralds 30.00$ / 64x Emeralds - 1,920$

1x Cactus - 6.00$ / 64x Cactus - 384$
1x Sugarcane - 6.00$ / 64x Sugarcane - 384$
1x Pumpkin - 6.00$ / 64x Pumpkin - 384$
1x Cocoa Beans - 12.00$ / 64x Cocoa Beans - 768$
1x Potato - 6.00$ / 64x Potato - 384$
1x Carrot - 6.00$ / 64x Carrot - 384$
1x Nether Wart - 6.00$ / 64x Nether Wart - 384$
1x Wheat - 6.00$ / 64x Wheat - 384$
1x Seeds - .50$ / 64x Seeds - 32$

Worlds / World Sizes:
Spawn World:
Spawn World.png

World Border is set at 8,000 by 8,000. This is the same world where spawn is loaded into.

Nether World:
Warp Nether.png
This is the Nether World, the world border is set at 5,000 by 5,000.

End World:
Warp End-min.png
This is the End World, the world border is set to 5,000 by 5,000.

Vote Crate Contents:
1x Rare Key

15,000$ In-game
VIP Rank
God Kit
Snorlax Title
Addicted Title

Exotic Crate Contents:
425,000$ In-game
1 Legendary Crate Key
2 Rare Crate Keys
Berserker Tag
Ez Tag
Warlord Kit
Exotic Kit

Rare Crate Contents:
2 Rare Crate Keys
2 Exotic Crate Keys
850,000 In-game
2 Legendary Keys
FuckJewlian Tag
L Tag
Hero Kit
Immortal Kit
Titan Rank

Legendary Crate Contents:
2 Legendary Crate Keys
2 Rare Crate Keys
1,250,000$ In-Game
Rich Tag
BeastMode Tag
Immortal Kit
Immortal+ Kit
God Rank
Legend Rank
Overlord Rank

/warp Crates
Warp Crates 1.png

/warp Headsell

Total Warps:


Heads - When you kill a player, there's a 5% chance of their head dropping. If their head drops, their head is valued at 10% of that users balance. The balance does auto-update, and you're allowed to hold the head for as long as you like.

Sell Wands - Sell wands are used to sell mass items. For example, you can put moob drops that are in a chest, and you can sell all the items that are in that chest. Each sell wand has 256 uses, you can recharge a sell wand by doing /rechargewand. This will cost money in-game. You can purchase this on the store.

Trench Pickaxes - They mine in a 3 by 3 radius. You can purchase this on the store.

Bounty - This places a set amount of money on a user. Once you place a bounty on someone, the first person who kills them get's the reward.

Auction House - This is a GUI that allows you to sell items. You get to choose the price, and each trade is protected. To view the auction house, you can do /ah.

Reaction - These are little messages that pop up time to time in chat, they're random words, the first person to type in the random word wins a prize!

Voting - You can vote on the server by doing /vote. You're allowed to vote on each website daily, you will receive a Vote Crate key on each website you vote on.

Vote Top - The top 3 members with the most votes will be receiving rewards. The first person will receive a 50$ Store Voucher, second place will receive a 25$ Voucher, and last place will be receiving a 15$ Voucher.

Faction Payouts - The top 3 factions on the server will be receiving rewards, the first place faction will be receiving a 300$ Store Voucher, second place a 200$ Voucher, third place a 100$ Voucher.

Store Information:

The store is currently open and fully operational. Including the hub, the hub will be opening early to allow give everyone enough time to join the server. You can also purchase things in our store at this moment. The hub is also open to connect your Minecraft to your discord in order to claim your rank.

Store Content:

Donator Ranks

Rank Upgrades

Staff & Regular Tags

Crate Keys (On Release)

Unmutes (On Release)

Unbans (On Release)

Chat Colors (On Release)

Pets (In Season)

Custom Tag (In Season)

Server Information:

OPCraft is a network that was originally opened in 2013. It was running under the Ownership of IceyTV, otherwise known as ramendewd today. Throughout time, OPCraft ownership was changed multiple times, even on this current OPCraft. However, we're finally proud to give you guys an official release, filled with content. We've been working on this for months, and we've been waiting for the right time to release our first server, which is OPFactions. Our plans after OPFactions is to release our next server, which is UltraOPFactions. We will be adding more content to OPFactions after release, as we don't want anything rushed. We want to bring you guys quality content, instead of rushing it and possibly creating something you guys won't enjoy. I plan to see you guys on release, and I want to thank everyone who has waited patiently with us up to this point. Let's make it a good release, and good year to make a comeback. Much love y'all <3


Server IP:

Store: (20% Sale)

Staff Applications:

Donator Support:

Ban Appeals:

Staff Reports:
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