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Important Factions Regulations & Basic Overview

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OPCraft Faction Regulations & Basic Overview

We have now updated this document to consist of in detail information and rules. If you try to bypass these rules, your faction will be striked or disbanded, depending on the severity of the situation. All of these rules are simple and easy to follow, so please read through this diligently. Your faction can be given a strike for anything listed below.
If you are having a hard time understanding anything on this document, please contact either our staff on our discord, or ask in game, to avoid being punished for breaking the rule.

PLEASE NOTE: Breaking ANY of these rules can result in your faction receiving a strike or getting disbanded!

Strike Guidelines:
- First Strike (Warning)
- Second Strike (15% Spawner Value Decrease)
- Third Strike (30% Spawner Value Decrease)
- Fourth Strike (50% Spawner Value Decrease)
- Fifth Strike (Faction Disbanded)
You can only receive a faction strike every 24 hours!
You can appeal any strike by contacting tylersx on discord! (tyler#5424)

Every 3+ faction member bans will result in a strike against your faction.

Any attempt to deliberately avoid having a faction member ban such as, but not limiting to, creating another faction or joining another less known faction to bypass the main faction. If this is found, the opposing main faction can be striked 1 or more times, depending on the severity.

No Right/ Left Shooting / Corner Cannons: Left Shooting and Corner Cannons are NOT allowed on OPCraft.

Corners: Each faction is allowed just ONE corner per season. If your faction, or an alternate faction, claim more than one corner for any reason, it will be unclaimed immediately.

Raid Detectors: Any use of any raid / TNT detectors will result in a permanent ban from OPCraft.

Horizontal Nuking: Horizontal Nuking is NOT allowed.

Roof Cannons: Roof Cannons are NOT allowed. Shooting over the walls and stacking on the base-wall is also NOT allowed!

ALT Factions: Using alternate factions to gain multiple FTOP rewards will result in total disqualification from FTOP rewards entirely.

Merging: If you merge with another faction, all FTOP values MUST be dropped permanently or both factions will be disqualified from FTOP rewards! Large faction merges should almost always be supervised by a manager or higher to ensure no sly business is happening. There are some bypasses to FTOP values being moved over. Consult a manager for more information.

Raid Claims: Each faction is allowed to have a 7x7 chunk raid claim. Ocean/Anti-nuke walls are NOT allowed on cannon boxes. Only 1 cannon is allowed per raid claim!
You are allowed to have 24 walls on a cannon box/raid claim

Leeching/Raid Interfering:
You are NOT allowed to hinder an active raid on another base. You are NOT allowed to interfere with any active raid (Including raiding-outpost) You can NOT be at an active raid, even just to “watch”. The players involved will receive a ban/strike depending on the situation.

Blocking Spawners: You are NOT allowed to put blocks around your spawners for any reason, specifically to prevent people from raiding them. You are NOT allowed to mine, burn, or blow up your spawners to prevent the raiding faction from getting said spawners. You are NOT allowed to bypass the spawner mining tax by blowing them up. If you are caught doing this, you will be banned from our network for 2 weeks & the raiding faction will automatically gain your spawners.

Illegal Patching: Patching your walls with schematica printer or gen buckets, during an active raid, is NOT allowed.

Alts On Walls: You are NOT allowed to have your alts on your walls for any reason!

Ally Raiding: You are NOT allowed to be raiding one side of a faction, whilst your ally raids another at the same time!

Value Spreading: You are NOT allowed to spread your value to different randomized chunks throughout the map. All of your faction's value should be in one claimed base. If you move your factions base for any reason, all of the previous land surrounding and containing the base should be unclaimed.

Gen Bucket Patching: You are NOT allowed to patch your walls with gen buckets during a raid, however, you are allowed to patch your walls by manually placing the blocks.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be eligible for FTOP payout, your base has to have at least 120 walls (10 chunk buffer). All of your value should be in one base, and not in the walls or other claims.

FTOP Sniping / Hiding Value: FTOP Sniping and Hiding your faction's value is prohibited and will result in total disqualification from the FTOP rewards, as well as 2 strikes against your faction.

Shooting Regulations: You are only allowed to break one wall every 3 seconds. Anyone caught breaking this rule will give their faction a strike, as well as be banned from the network for 2 weeks. Factions are only permitted to shoot ONE cannon at an enemy base at a time. You are permitted to over-stack a maximum of 6 blocks, as well as auto-adjust up to 4 spots. Multi wall oneshots are forbidden!

Base Buffers:
It is illegal to have a base with a chunk buffer larger than 20. A buffer is defined as the amount of chunks outside of the base, that normally contain walls for the base's protection. A 20 chunk buffer can fit up to 160 wrap walls, if placed correctly. (This is a good way to know if you are outside of the buffer, to count the walls)
Attempts to bypass this chunk buffer will be treated the same as if the buffer limit was broken (e.g: in-wall bases and unusually large boxes in the walls).
If your faction is seen breaking a chunk buffer rule, we will notify the owner or a moderator of the faction. If they do not resolve the issue within 24 hours, the faction will either be striked or disbanded, depending on the severity of the situation. If all members are offline and do not respond when we attempt to notify them, and still have not responded after 24 hours, they are prone to disbandment without any additional warning!

Gap Claims: You are NOT allowed to have a claim/chunk of just air between your bases or walls.

Cheat Claiming: We do NOT allow "cheat claiming". "Cheat Claiming" is defined as a person claiming land in the middle of another faction's land. This is usually done when the faction hasn't claimed all of their land yet, typically at the beginning of the season during the grade period. A cheat claim will be unclaimed immediately and the offending faction is prone to a strike.

Illegal Base Protection: The following materials are NOT allowed to be used to protect a base from a raid. If a faction is caught using these items, the faction will receive a strike, and the player that placed them will be banned for 2 weeks.
Illegal Materials:
- Banners
- Fences
- Fence Gates
- (Mossy / Regular) Stone walls/fences
- Chest/Cobweb
- Slime Blocks
- Any block that prevents sand from stacking

Anti-Nuke Walls: You are NOT allowed any F1NN5TER/Anti-Nuke walls in your base buffer or raid claims. If anti-nukes are found they will be removed via world edit.

Redstone Checkboxes: Redstone checkboxes are NOT allowed. Breaking this rule will result in the checkbox getting world edited out, and the player who built it being banned for 2 weeks.

Insiding: Insiding is NOT allowed on the server at all, this includes all forms of insiding. The value from the inside will be restored, and the insider will be permanently banned. A strike will also be placed on the insiding faction.

Allying Regulations: Under no circumstances should an ally faction claim outside another ally's buffer claim to prevent others from being raided or to be used for extra walls for protection. Firstly you will be warned and the contents of the claim will be removed, along with the claim itself being unclaimed. If a faction is seen breaking this rule more than once, the faction will be given a strike.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this document, please ask any manager and they can assist you.
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